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Dynamic Precision Cutting System for Table Saw, Mitre Saw, Router, Shaper, and Jointer

Our Story


Having had a cabinet shop for 40 years I had some ideas  about safety devices but I was too busy making a living to pursue them.  After I sold the shop I started developing the SS.  I knew from experience that any product that slowed down production or interfered with making a cut wouldn’t be used.  So my goal was to speed up production and to help an amateur or a pro make very  precise cuts and do it all safely.  I didn’t want the hands to get near the blade or cutters on five different machines.  My other goal was to build the best products that we could and build them in the United States.  From all the feed back we are getting we have reached our goals big time.  To keep the cost down we are selling only on the internet so you are buying direct from the factory.  


There is no way that we can prevent all shop injuries. We can't prevent carelessness, or dumb moves. If you install and use our products like we recommend you will greatly reduce your changes of an injury.

On our videos we are running with the saw guard off to more clearly show how our products work. We are in no way suggesting you take your saw guard off.