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Dynamic Precision Cutting System for Table Saw, Mitre Saw, Router, Shaper, and Jointer

Table Saw Safety

Read all of the usual safety instructions that are out there. They are good.

But in reality what you really need is equipment that will keep you safe without it getting in the way of making a cut and without it slowing down production. That equipment was not available until now. With the advent of the Savem System we now have a system that keeps you safe, plus speeds up production and makes more precise cuts. The whole back bone of our system is to have complete control of the board throughout the entire cut, plus your hands never get near the blade or the cutters on five different machines. But even with the Savem System we are still running high speed equipment so we still have to stay alert and pay attention. The Savem System is safety equipment that actually gets used.

Table Saw Safety Recommendations 

Table saws might be popular, but lots of people are afraid to turn them on and use them for the first time. That’s because they don’t have a basic understanding of table saw safety, so they are afraid of getting hurt. Follow some safety tips so you can start using your table saw today.

Read Your Manual

If you’re like most people, you tossed your table saw manual to the side as soon as you unboxed your new saw. That’s a mistake. Pick your manual up, dust it off, and give it a read. Your table saw likely has some saw-specific safety features you need to learn. Read the manual so you can find out what your saw has to offer.

Get Yourself Ready

You need to do a few things to prepare yourself for using your table saw.

First, you need to think about your clothes. You don’t need to get out your woodworker’s gear, but you do need to make sure your clothing doesn’t put you in danger. Loose clothing is a no-go since the blade can attach to the material. You should roll up long sleeves past your elbows, and you should empty any items from your pockets and take off your jewelry.

Your shoes are also important. Nonskid shoes that fit well will keep you from tripping or slipping into the saw.

Finally, put up your hair if it’s long and put on your ear and eye protection.

Check Your Table Saw

Next, you need to check your table saw to make sure it’s ready for action. Start by unplugging it. Then, look over the power cord to make sure it is in good shape. Next, check the blade for any dirt or debris, and clean it if needed. Also, make sure the blade is sharp enough for the task at hand.

Then, look over the rest of the components. Everything needs to be in the proper position and in good working order before moving forward.

Using the Saw

When it comes to table saw safety, this tip cannot be stressed enough. Do not reach behind or over the saw’s blade. That is an accident waiting to happen. Also, don’t put your hands in the blade’s path and use the blade guard if you can. The blade guard will protect your fingers and keep you safe.  

In addition, never release the wood until it has moved past the back of the blade. Also, cut one board at a time. Don’t try to handle stacked materials. That’s an easy way to get hurt.

Never stand behind the blade or the board. Boards can kick back, and the impact will feel like you’ve been shot. To reduce kickback, keep the riving knife and splitter in place when the saw is in use.

After Use

When you’re done using your table saw, lower the blade until it’s below the table’s surface. This will prevent injury when the saw isn’t in use.

Also, clean up your work area so it will be safe to use the next time.

Unplug your table saw and get ready for your next project.

Bonus Tip – Be in the Right Frame of Mind

You should never operate a table saw when you are tired or under the influence. This will put you in harm’s way. On top of that, you won’t be nearly as skilled or creative if you aren’t in your right mind.

It’s important to practice proper table saw safety with all work projects. Use these safety tips as a guide each time you step up to your table saw. Then, you can proceed with confidence.


There is no way that we can prevent all shop injuries. We can't prevent carelessness, or dumb moves. If you install and use our products like we recommend you will greatly reduce your changes of an injury.

On our videos we are running with the saw guard off to more clearly show how our products work. We are in no way suggesting you take your saw guard off.