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Dynamic Precision Cutting System for Table Saw, Mitre Saw, Router, Shaper, and Jointer


  • All of the units I received are excellent but we are just going to comment on the ones we use every day. We have two identical Saw Stop saws - one is equipped with the right hand pusher and the anti kick back wheel.  The one set up with the Savem System gets most of the use.  The instructor and students seem to gravitate to this one. If contact is made the Saw Stop, stops the blade which is big.  But this comes with a cost, the break and blade can cost up to $200. But with the Savem System on it we can push the board through the blade without getting our hands anywhere near the cutting area while completely eliminating flying push sticks.  The unit holds the board down tight to the table and to the rip fence for a very precise cut and eliminates nearly all kick backs.   Next we’ll talk about the swinging guard and the hold down for the miter saw.  We also use the swinging guard on the miter saw on nearly all of our cuts.  We can now hold the piece down close to the blade for a perfect cut and do it safely.  Also with the hold down for the miter saw we can make so many cuts that we never dreamt we could and do them precise and safely. I sleep much better since we put this system to work. Next is the hold down and guide system for the router table. This is really a plus.  In fact, to be honest I use it mostly on the shaper. Never have I felt more in control until I used this system. We did not allow the students to use the shaper because it is a dangerous machine, but with the Savem System we are now allowing our more experienced students to use the shaper. To sum it up, we highly recommend these products, there are built rugged and precise to do a great job for a very long time. But the value is in the safety that they provide. Raul H Ramirez, Director,  Southwest School of Woodworking, 621 N 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007

  • "After using your companies safety devices for a solid 7 weeks now, we have some feed back for you. The device that we like best (and use daily) is the circular saw system.  We’re impressed with its durability.  We have not witnessed any negative results as we supervise its use. The tool works as advertised, and we in particular like that it keeps our students hands safely away from the cutting area while keeping the stock against the fence. The relative simplicity of the device works well for our students, very few of whom have previous experience with wood shop tools.  The second device that has impressed us is the circular saw miter gauge.  Once again it impressed us with its simplicity and ease of use.  This device has shown no negatives.  It does a good job of both locking the stock into the miter gauge and accurately cutting the desired angle while doing it safely.  The other products are great and they do what they were advertised to do. The whole SS system helps make more accurate cuts. But with the projects we are currently doing we haven’t had a need to use some of them that much.”  

    -- MattGeesaman, Wood Working Instructor, Canon City Hi School

  • We are a custom production cabinet shop and have been in business for over 35 years, we have had injuries on our employees from time to time,  And recently have tested and purchased three items.      1.  right hand pusher    2.  anti kick back wheel    3.  three bearing hold down These three units I know will help prevent injuries in our shop, our employees have commented various times, of how pleased they are that we purchased them, the quality and workmanship on these items have surpassed our expectations, I highly recommend these products and keeping our employees safe.

    -- Brett Durkee, General Manager Arizona Custom Cabinets, Inc.


There is no way that we can prevent all shop injuries. We can't prevent carelessness, or dumb moves. If you install and use our products like we recommend you will greatly reduce your changes of an injury.

On our videos we are running with the saw guard off to more clearly show how our products work. We are in no way suggesting you take your saw guard off.